Lasik surgery

At Sri Eye Care, all your eye-related problems are resolved in a patient-centric ecosystem. Our team of experienced doctors and support staff is always available to ensure that you receive proper care during and after your eye procedure. We use the latest medical technology to provide you with the best care possible for the following eye procedures:

LASIK is a popular surgery used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or regular astigmatism. It is one of a number of surgical techniques used to reshape the cornea so that light traveling through it is properly focused onto the retina.

What are the advantages of LASIK surgery?

  • LASIK surgery is almost painless due to the use of numbing drops
  • Vision is corrected immediately after the procedure
  • No bandages or stitches are required after LASIK
  • Adjustments can be made years after LASIK surgery to further correct vision changes due to old age
  • After surgery, most patients no longer need glasses or contact lenses for their vision

What are the possible causes of cataract?

  • Overproduction of oxidants
  • Long-term use of steroids and other medications
  • Treatments such as radiation therapy
  • Excessive drinking and smoking
  • Development of certain systemic diseases such as diabetes
  • Old age
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation
  • Trauma

How does Sri Eye Care’s expertise help you?

2 Femto-LASIK
  • Sri Eye Care employs the latest technology in our ReLEx SMILE surgery
  • In this flapless all-laser procedure, a disc-shaped tissue is fashioned in the cornea by the laser, which is then removed through a tiny 3mm incision. The flapless technology ensures faster healing and patients can even return to their routine activities within 48 hours of the procedure
  • The flapless technology also reduces post-surgery dry eyes and has lesser chances of complications as compared to conventional LASIK surgery
2 Femto-LASIK
  • Sri Eye Care offers the quickest and most accurate blade-free LASIK procedure
  • In Femto-LASIK, a laser precisely cuts a flap of predetermined thickness and another laser reshapes the cornea. This procedure creates a precise flap, which makes it more stable over time

How does Sri Eye Care’s expertise help you?

What are the precautions to be followed after the procedure?

A post-LASIK care plan will often include eye drops to keep the eyes moist. Painkillers may be prescribed to treat the discomfort that can occur for the first few days. Visit the doctor 24 to 48 hours after the LASIK surgery to check up on your healing and vision.

Wear goggles or eye shields while sleeping for the first few nights to prevent touching your eyes

Don’t rub your eyes, especially in the first 7 days after laser eye surgery

Use eye drops as prescribed

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly especially before using eye drops

Get plenty of rest after the surgery

Avoid smoky rooms, dusty environments, or areas with chemical vapors such as science labs, printing shops, and darkrooms

Avoid extreme levels of sunlight and wear sunglasses when needed

Avoid strenuous activity and body contact sports

Don’t wear eye makeup for at least 1 week after the surgery