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We don’t have the answers to everything patients ask us. Even after 40 years as a Doctor, there are still things that patients ask every day that I don’t know the answer to. And it doesn’t matter how many years of experience a doctor has, the human body and its ailments are so complex that no one person can know even 10%.  

Its this dawning realization why at Sri Specialty Eye Care, we have come to rely on a combination of smart people, smart processes, and smart programs to ensure every single patient gets the right diagnosis and treatment.  


Sri Speciality Eye Care is built on a legacy of giving back to the people of Bengaluru. Started as a small clinic, Sri Eye Care was envisioned to provide quality eye care, aid the fight in eradicating blindness, and work towards a bright future for the next generation. I realized the urgent requirement of quality eye care in the then developing part of North Bangalore of RT Nagar. I felt that my training in the field of Vitreo-Retina would be an additional benefit in an era where super-specialization within the domain of eye care was still new in India. Ophthalmology, from where we started, grew in leaps and bounds both in terms of technological advancements and newer paradigms inpatient care. Sri Eye Care introduced the then-novel sutureless phacoemulsification surgery which greatly improved visual recovery after cataract surgery. In time we brought in advanced diagnostic instrumentation for retinal diseases and glaucoma detection. This helped us to catch and initiate early treatment for these conditions. Realizing the need for expansion of our services to cater to a larger section of society, SSEC moved to HBR layout. 

With Dr. Karthik and me at the helm and our team of speciality doctors, along with a panel of visiting specialists, nurses and support staff, a network of smart people cater to every need of our growing base of patients. 


A hospital built on a legacy of giving back to the people cannot rely only on smart people. We need to ensure the entire process is smart. From eliminating waiting times for appointments to ensuring clear post-treatment care instructions, we are constantly relooking at every single step and make it smarter with technology and a patient-centric outlook. Efficient operating protocol, holistic analysis, electronic medical records, patient access to medical data, infection prevention initiatives, etc., are just a few of the areas we are making treatment & healing smarter.


The core of every hospital is its specialties. But focusing only on its specialties ignores countless other diseases. By building a comprehensive network with visiting physicians, international universities and hospitals, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we can offer our patients exactly what they are looking for, every time they come to Sri Speciality Eye Care, and in turn, strive towards bettering perfection


Every single person has aspirations they look forward to. More than often, a hospital visit puts a cloud of doubt over these aspirations. At Sri Speciality Eye Care, we will always strive to ensure you continue to look forward in life. And this begins when you can look forward to integrity in our people and in our diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Sriprakash

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